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Why are eva packaging materials more and more popular?
- 2022-04-06 -

Many products now use packaging materials, not only because the products are more valuable after packaging, but also because many products in the circulation process, in addition to being affected by temperature, humidity, light, etc., have to withstand transportation and Impact, vibration, and falling during transportation. In order to ensure that the products are delivered to customers in good condition, for certain products that are afraid of vibration and impact, EVA packaging materials must be added to the packaging container when packaging to reduce product losses due to impact, vibration, and falling.

Reasons for using EVA packaging materials:

1. Protect the product from damage caused by impact;

2. Fragile items are particularly sensitive to mechanical stress and should be protected;

3. It has good shockproof and cushioning performance;

4. Non-absorbent, moisture-proof and water-resistant performance is good;

5. Corrosion resistance, heat preservation and cold protection.