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How to choose the right EVA foam packaging lining
- 2022-04-06 -

In fact, to choose a good foam packaging lining, the first thing we have to evaluate is the positioning of the product and the packaging budget of the product.

1: Product positioning, different positioning, the corresponding foam packaging lining methods are different, such as simple cutting and stamping, it is more common, if you want a high-end point, it is the foam’s CNC engraving integrated molding, the overall view Looks beautiful and generous.

2: The product positioning is clear, then it is the choice of foam material, such as hardness, use ordinary foam material, or foam material with high elasticity and good feel, or use foam material with higher hardness, mainly depending on What product do you need to put.

3: The selection of the characteristics of the foam material, the material is basically selected, what about the characteristics? For example, anti-static foam, fire-resistant foam, high-elastic foam, etc., different products may be used differently. Generally, the lining of foam packaging of electronic and electronic products needs to be anti-static, and the lining of battery packaging needs to be fireproof foam.

Therefore, the choice of a good and suitable product foam packaging method depends on various considerations, from materials, processing techniques, product positioning and so on.