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What is the use of felt
- 2022-04-02 -

1. Non-woven fabric for clothing: interfacing cloth (powder spraying, oar tapping), etc.;

2. Leather, non-woven fabric for shoes: artificial leather base cloth, inner lining cloth, etc.;

3. Home decoration, home non-woven fabric: oil painting cloth, curtain cloth, tablecloth, cloth wiping, baijie cloth, etc.;

4. Non-woven fabric for medical and health use: medical gauze, single-sex clothes, sheets, hat and mask for operating room;

5. Non-woven cloth for filtering materials: air conditioning filter cloth, fish tank water filter cloth, etc.;

6. Industrial non-woven fabric: electrostatic dust removal cloth, printing press cleaning cloth, etc.

7. Non-woven fabric used in automobile industry: interior decoration materials, carpets and other materials, such as wiping cloth and covering cloth;

8. Non-woven fabric for packaging: flowers, gifts, etc.

9. Non-woven fabric for agriculture and horticulture: fruit bagging;

10. Non-woven fabrics for military and defense industries: geotextiles, special purpose industrial fabrics;

11. Non-woven fabric used in other industries: disposable products, facial mask, eye film adhesive base cloth, disposable towel wet towel, etc., used in beauty parlors and hotels;

12. Disposable personal care cloth: cosmetic cotton, sanitary towels, pads, adult/infant diapers, diapers, diapers, etc.