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Several major characteristics of choosing stainless steel children’s slides
- 2022-04-06 -

Stainless steel children’s slide is a kind of outdoor activity equipment for children. One side of the high-speed rail rack is equipped with a herringbone ladder, and the other side is equipped with an inclined double rocker. The children come up from the herringbone ladder and slide down the inclined column. It is a common kind of amusement equipment for children.

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Advantages of stainless steel slides:

1. Strong malleability

When it comes to plastic slides, what everyone thinks of is a general double rocker slide (or a cylindrical slide), but the stainless steel children’s slide can be shaped into a variety of S-shaped designs according to the needs of customers and users. Curved, half-tube, and cross-shaped peach crisps. If customer satisfaction can also cover a layer of transparent cover on the surface of the stainless steel children’s slide, stainless steel children’s slides with various shapes and designs will suffer more in daily life. The favorite of children.

2. High-rise residential buildings and multi-functions can be built

Compared with traditional plastic children’s slides, the use of stainless steel materials is more common. At this stage, manufacturers generally divide stainless steel children’s slides into indoor and outdoor categories. It should be noted that stainless steel slides are in terms of aspect ratio and length. The above is generally not limited. Customers can choose and install 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters or even 20 meters according to their own requirements. For example, in many areas, we can rotate stainless steel children’s slides from the roof of the fifth floor to the road. Yes.

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Three, the characteristics are more stable and more reliable

Stainless steel children’s slides must be better than plastics in various fields such as corrosion prevention, smoothing, cleaning, etc., so that everyone as an operator can save costs and save costs even more when repairing and maintaining the slides, and the most important thing is The same stainless steel slide amusement equipment will undoubtedly have a longer service life, so it is very good for everyone to choose stainless steel children’s slides under the same conditions.

Good children’s stainless steel slide manufacturers all immediately use their own production and product research and development technical elite teams and related to all levels. Everyone must go to the scene to observe it. And the technicality of the amusement equipment manufacturing and installation of children’s slide manufacturers is the key to determining the quality of children’s amusement park machinery and equipment. The same children’s amusement park machinery and equipment products are definitely different for beginners and masters. The actual effect will be much different. There are also many amusement equipment manufacturers that only do business, so you don’t have to choose to purchase from agents, so the price will be higher. You must contact the amusement equipment manufacturer immediately.