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What is PET release film?
- 2022-04-06 -

Generally, PET release film can be called PET silicone oil film. When PET film is produced, a layer of silicone oil is coated on the surface, which is mainly used to reduce the adhesion of the PET film surface, thereby causing the release effect. It can be divided into single silicon pet release film and double silicon pet release film.


is usually used as a raw material in the tape industry, as well as protection in the die-cutting and punching of pet protective film materials, or for bonding with the surface of the coating layer during the production process.


①Packaging industry: It has the environmental protection properties of degradable and recyclable, and it is a kind of green and environmentally friendly throne material

②Transfer: It has repetitive use and is mainly used in the printing industry. It can be heated to glass, plastic, metal, and other objects through a special process.

③Protective film: production of pet protective film materials, which can be used to protect products such as like products, display screens, and die-cutting

④Reflective film: PET reflective film can be produced through a special process, with excellent optical properties.

Silicone protective film glue can be applied to screen protective film, mobile phone protective film, process film and other series of silicone protective film.

What is PET release film?