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Corrugated paper craft
- 2022-04-06 -

A processing method of recycled corrugated base paper, which is characterized in that it is carried out according to the following technological process: (1) Ingredients: mixing imported waste paper with domestic waste paper;

(2) Disintegration: Disintegrate the mixed waste paper in a hydraulic pulper;

(3) High-concentration de-sanding: remove the impurities with a large proportion in the mixed waste paper slurry in the high-concentration de-sanding device; (4). Fiber separation: perform a second time on the mixed waste paper slurry in the compound fiber separator Crushing, de-sanding, removing light impurities and heavy impurities in the slurry;

(5), medium-concentration desander: further remove heavy impurities in the slurry in the medium-concentration desander;

(6) Low-concentration screening: the slurry is screened in the low-concentration pressure screen, and the good slurry enters the next process;

(7) Low-concentration sand removal: remove the heavier impurities in the good slurry in the low-concentration sand remover;

(8) Concentration: Concentrate the good pulp in the cylinder thickener;

(9) Medium-consistency beating: Grinding and beating the good pulp in a medium-consistency hydraulic disc mill;

(10) Screening by the pressure screen in front of the wire: the slurry is selected again in the low-concentration pressure screen, and the good slurry enters the air-cushioned headbox of the paper machine for online copying;

(11) Papermaking: The good pulp is made into paper on a corrugated base paper machine. The good pulp is first sprayed with chemical additives for paper making during forming, and then squeezed and dried before being rolled.