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What are the special advantages of crepe paper?
- 2022-04-02 -

Color crepe paper is a special kind of household paper, its use can be used to make festive decorative paper, with bright colors and beautiful, smooth wrinkles and delicate, paper scratch, soft and strong, full of flexibility, high elongation, no paper disease and other characteristics. Therefore, color crepe paper than other crepe paper much higher than the requirements of color paper wrinkles are usually red, pink, peach red, emerald blue, deep blue, light green, dark green, light yellow, gold and other 10 colors. The production method can be divided into pulp dyeing and surface dyeing. Among them, surface dyeing has the advantages of simple production process, saving the dye, reducing the cost, and simple operation, which has been widely used by enterprises.

The production materials of colored crepe paper are generally determined according to the market demand. The export products are mainly imported bleached kraft pulp, or wood pulp, with a small amount of reed pulp. Reeds are mainly sold in domestic market, with a small amount of wood pulp or with 100% reeds copy. A factory in the north USES 60% bleached sulphate coniferous wood pulp, 40% bleached sulphite reed pulp, the export of high-grade toilet paper meets the quality requirements. In order to improve the elongation rate of crepe paper and make the wrinkles more delicate, the pulping technology of color crepe paper with full reed pulp adopts the medium and high concentration pulping method of dredging.


In traditional paper crafts, crepe paper is the most commonly used material. Because of the special texture of crepe paper, there are unique advantages in the display of paper works, especially in the production of paper flowers is unique. There are many tutorials on how to make paper flowers out of crepe paper, many of which are popular because they are easy to make.