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What are the features of the outdoor stainless steel slide?
- 2022-04-02 -

What should I pay attention to when buying?

The slide is a recreation facility with a long history.

From the wooden slide of the past to the plastic stainless steel slide of the present, with generation after generation of children grow up.

Today we’re going to talk about outdoor stainless steel slides.

What are the features of the outdoor stainless steel slide?

What should I pay attention to when buying?

Let me give you a detailed analysis.

Outdoor stainless steel slide.

First of all, the slide belongs to the comprehensive sports equipment, the slide activity can only be carried out by climbing.

Children need strong will and confidence to play the slide, which can cultivate their courage.

When children slide down, they can enjoy the joy of success.

The slide is a kind of children’s sports equipment, often used in kindergartens or children’s playgrounds, suitable for children aged 3-6.

There are special slides, like the rescue slide.

Slides are mounted on one side of an elevated frame with a ladder and a sloping board (usually straight and curved) on the other.

The child went up the ladder and down the slant.

Two, the advantages of stainless steel slide.

1. Widely used.

Stainless steel slide is a relatively new amusement equipment.

At present, the topic of the market is basically plastic materials, rolling plastic, mold production.

However, the size and shape of the slides are fixed due to mass production, which cannot satisfy the installation of some irregular places.

The stainless steel rides just jump right out of that limit.

In application, stainless steel slide can be divided into indoor stainless steel slide and outdoor stainless steel slide.

2. More diverse shapes.

The stainless steel slides are not limited by height and length, ranging from 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and 20 meters.

They can hover from the top of six stories to the bottom.

Stainless steel slide has a variety of shapes, such as spiral S-shaped slide, straight slide, arc ladder, pipe slide, half pipe slide, straight slide, cross twist spiral, etc.

You can also cover them with a transparent lid to turn the colorful light into a dazzling light.

A variety of delicate design, into the designer’s thinking, but also bring you a different sense of view and fun.

3. Material is more guaranteed.

In use, compared with ordinary materials, stainless steel slide more environmental protection, corrosion resistance, smooth, smooth advantages.

Especially for parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping centers, office buildings, resorts and other complex terrain.

, customized stainless steel slides can be adapted to local conditions, to adapt to the installation and commissioning of various venues, customized various ramp slides.

In the pursuit of differentiation and innovation today, it not only meets your own design inspiration, but also through the stainless steel sliding cover shape reflects a variety of fantastic ideas, sought after by children and parents.

Stainless steel slide is the first choice for your entertainment facilities.

Three, how to judge the quality of outdoor stainless steel slide.

Stainless steel slide is very common in kindergartens, children’s parks and other places. It is the longest used equipment in the slide. It is also a kind of children’s amusement equipment that children love very much when playing.

So how do you decide if an outdoor stainless steel slide is good or bad?

1. Whether the design is reasonable.

The purpose of buying a stainless steel slide is for kids to play with.

If the design is not reasonable, children can easily get hurt.

So when buying, we must consider whether it meets the standards for children to climb and play, whether the durability meets the standards, and whether the material is of high quality.

2. No sharp parts.

Children do not pay attention to the danger when playing, but parents and teachers should take this into consideration.

During the slide assembly process, any sharp parts must be hidden, such as screws, which may lacerate the child’s clothes, cut the child’s skin, injure the child.

Therefore, they must be well covered.

Parents can also pay attention to these small details when observing, to see whether there are screws and other protrudes at the joint of the stainless steel slide.

3. Manufacturer’s qualifications and successful cases.

In addition to the above judgment methods, we can also judge from the qualifications and successful cases of the manufacturers.

The more successful cases, the higher the reliability.

The stainless steel slide is designed for children. If it fails, it will cause a safety accident.

Therefore, it is very important to choose an amusement equipment manufacturer whose products are of reliable quality.