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What advantages and disadvantages does wall paper have, how should do clean again at ordinary times?
- 2022-04-02 -

The material type that the house decorates needs is complex, the material is diverse, the wall cloth is one of them, the word that uses the wall cloth to decorate, reduce the whitewash material of the wall, still can not even, the environmental protection sex of the wall cloth is strong, helps to reduce the decoration pollution to a certain extent.

Buy wall cloth need to consider its advantages and disadvantages, wall cloth is easy to dirty, how to clean properly?

Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of wall cloth and clean problems.

The wall cloth that is used now after wallpaper upgrade, through printing and embossing craft is made and become, owner can pass oneself be fond of completely, go choosing the wall cloth of different color and design to do adornment to the home.

If the normal home wall is decorated with paint or paint, it needs repeated construction, which will cause the construction time to become longer.

And the harmful substance that contains in paint is more, the word that inhales too much is harmful to human body profitless.

If the wall cloth is used for decoration, it does not need repeated operation, as long as it is laid on the wall, the construction is relatively simple, the construction cycle is short and the impact on the human body is relatively small!

In addition to the high temperature in summer, there are all kinds of insects and mosquitoes interfere with life, every time the mosquito appears to kill it, which is easy to leave dirty marks on the wall, and even children will have graffiti on the wall, such a wall there is a simple way to clean it?

If you have a sponge at home, you can first dip some water or detergent, and then wipe the stains on the wall repeatedly. After a while, you can clean the stains. This method is not only simple, but also very good.

Wall cloth its surface is a piece of cloth, its own scalability will be relatively large, if in the construction did not let it force evenly, this will make the pattern on the wall cloth is easy to run off, will affect the whole decoration effect.