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Wall fabric material categories you don’t know!
- 2022-04-02 -

The application of wall cloth in home decoration design is very common, because the color, pattern and texture of wall cloth can be carefully designed to better meet the needs of various environments and meet the aesthetic standards of modern people at all levels.

Wall-covering is an environmentally friendly material, but wall-covering is made of many materials.

Follow the wall cloth factory to understand the material of the wall cloth.

Fiberglass printed wall cloth

With alkali glass fiber cloth as the substrate, the surface is coated with wear-resistant resin, and printed with color patterns.

There are many colors, bright color, not easy to fade, not easy to age, flame retardant, moistureproof, and can be scrubbed.

However, it breaks and ages easily.

When the coating wears away, the fiberglass released can irritate human skin.

Non-woven wall cloth

It is made of natural fibres such as cotton and linen or synthetic fibres such as terylene and acrylic, after nonwoven molding, resin coating and colored pattern printing.

Non-woven wall cloth bright color, smooth surface, elastic, crisp, not easy to break, not easy to aging, no irritation to the skin, there is a certain air permeability and moisture resistance, can be scrubbed without fading.

Cotton decorative wall cloth

Made of pure cotton cloth after processing, printing, coating.

High strength, low static electricity, low creep deformation, no light, sound absorption, non-toxic, tasteless, good air permeability and sound absorption.

But the surface is easy to bristle, can not scrub.

Chemical fiber decorative wall cloth

After the chemical fiber for the substrate, after processing from printing.

Non-toxic, tasteless, breathable, moisture-proof, wear-resistant.

Brocade wall cloth

Made of brocade, colorful pattern, texture is smooth and delicate, but expensive, not easy to grow mold.

Plastic wall cloth

Made of foamed polyvinyl chloride.

Thick texture, full of elasticity, strong three-dimensional sense, heat preservation, noise elimination, scrubbing.

But air permeability is poor, not moisture absorption, sunlight will fade and yellow.

Paper rattan wall cloth

Paper rattan is a newly imported decoration material, made into chair school, cabinet door, lampshade and so on.

Introduced into the Taiwan market, because of its earthy yellow and rattan color same, and strong toughness, use changes, easy construction, quite popular.

Woven wall cloth of natural fibers

Natural fiber woven, quite simple characteristics, mainly grass wall cloth, hemp wall cloth, cotton wall cloth.

Hemp woven wall cloth texture is the most simple, grass woven wall cloth and cotton woven wall cloth surface is soft and smooth.

Acrylic fiber wall cloth

With acrylic yarn fiber as raw material, the texture is like carpet.

Just thin thickness, soft texture, rich color, plain color is also many, two similar color or half harmonic color, or blending white as the main product combination.

Bright line wall cloth

The metallic sequins of bright line wall cloth, like performance clothes, are very gorgeous and dazzling, which belongs to exaggeration and performance materials, not practical to general design cases.

The plain colors are mainly red, blue, green, yellow, gold and silver, which are mostly used in clubs or fancy restaurants with dim lights, as well as stage layout.