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Wall cloth collocation skills, the color of the wall cloth also has different effects
- 2022-04-02 -

Wall cloth is fabric pasted on the wall.

With cotton cloth as the base cloth, and on the base cloth with printing or rolling relief, there are also woven with large jacquard.

Nowadays, the family of a lot of people is decorated with wall cloth as decoration, to get very good effect when spreading wall cloth in the home, wall cloth should be chosen not only well, even in tie-in design.

Shaoxing wall cloth factory small make up for everyone to introduce the five skills of wall cloth collocation.

One, room lighting

Generally speaking, metope coating chooses the cold tone or warm tone of the room, which is closely related to the light of the room.

Rooms facing south or east are well lit and even feel a little bright.

The wall paint should choose cool colors, such as light blue and light green.

If the light is very good, the color of the wall can be deepened appropriately, and the intensity of the light can be integrated, so that the wall will not turn white under strong light.

In addition, it is not appropriate to use wall coatings with reflective spots or patterns on large areas.

If you use too much of it, it’s like having a lot of little lenses on the wall, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

To north or the room with insufficient light, metope coating should choose warm color first, be like creamy yellow, shallow orange and shallow coffee color, or choose the metope coating of bright color, lest use too much brunet and emphasize massiness, let a person feel depressed.

Two, room area

The color of metope and design affect spatial atmosphere directly, big flower design reduced the constraint of the room.

Some of the floral patterns are so vivid and intense that they can be felt from a distance.

This kind of wall cloth can reduce the constraint of the room, let a person feel surrounded by flowers, full of surprises, suitable for the relatively plain pattern of the room.

Generally speaking, material of this kind of metope should be with European classical furniture (be like coffee, spade) collocation, can make flowery design not only so more attractive, still can give classical depth add a little bright color.

If you choose modern minimalist furniture, you are better off not choosing this wallpaper, wall coverings.

To the area smaller or the room with darker light, should choose the metope with smaller design.

Small, regular patterns add order to the room.

Regular small patterns can provide a background for a room that is neither exaggerated nor bland.

You can try a light-colored cross mesh wall.

Everything is organized, and you can expand the space.

Three, room space

Horizontal striped walls can increase the height of a room.

Metope of strip design has a variety of features such as permanent, classical, modern, tradition, it is one of the most successful choices.

It spreads color across the entire wall in the most efficient way, simple and easy to match with other patterns.

If the room is already very tall, you can choose a wider pattern or a longer stripe that is slightly wider (the same rule for clothing).

This kind of wall covering applies to smooth large space, can make originally tall room produces left and right extension effect, balance vision.

If the room itself is short, you can opt for a long design.

The narrower pattern can lead the shorter rooms upwards.

The metope with clear line, bright color, abstract design suits individual demand, but the furniture with the same personality of this kind of metope needs collocation.

If you’re simply matching panel furniture, it’s obviously inserting a BMW logo in front of a Mercedes.

Four, room use and furniture collocation

The wall is a foil to the furniture.

If the color is too strong and noble, it will not be used as a background.

Accordingly, the metope with intense color can be used inside small limits only (wall of setting of TV wall, sofa or dining-room side metope), and the metope of main setting function of sitting room or dining-room had better choose light color.

If the outdoor green plants, light and shadow scattered into the indoor, with light purple, light yellow, light pink and other warm colors decoration wall will create a sunny atmosphere;

If there is a large area of red brick or other red color outside, the walls should be mainly light yellow and light brown, which can give a smooth feeling.

The living room and dining room are places where people gather, relax, entertain and eat.

Bright colors and bright colors can activate emotions.

With this kind of wall cloth can make people feel happier, happy and free.

The bedroom needs to feel warm, relaxing, emotionally stable and even have some hypnotic effects.

Brightness is lower, the wall paper metope with darker color is more appropriate.

Of course, what if you really like bright wallpaper, like a lively bedroom when you’re awake and a quiet bedroom when you’re sleeping?

Then add a thicker curtain and change the color of the room as soon as you open it.

If the second bedroom is mainly occupied by older people, you should choose some colorful wallpaper to make people quiet and calm. You can also choose wall cloth with some plain flowers according to the preferences of older people.

The wall cloth of children room, choose the wall cloth with bright-colored color commonly, also can decorate with cartoon waist line, perhaps match up with cartoon design, lower is plain color or plain color wallpaper, build the effect that gives a kind of joy and clean.

Cold tone wall paint is easy to concentrate and suitable for learning.

In addition, the color of the floor and furniture should be the same as the wall cloth, so that the living environment will be harmonious and unified.

Five, the color and health of wall paint

Red wall can stimulate and excite the nervous system, increase the secretion of adrenaline and increase blood circulation.

However, when exposed to too much red, it can create anxiety, making people who tire easily feel tired more easily.

Accordingly, should avoid to use too much red in bedroom or study.

Orange wall coverings produce vitality, stimulate appetite, aid in calcium absorption, and aid in recovery and maintenance of health.

This color is suitable for recreation rooms and other places.

The metope that is basic key with yellow makes person thinking active, rich creativity.

However, gold decoration is prone to unstable emotions and arbitrary behavior.

Therefore, dormitories, activity places and balconies should avoid using golden furniture and furnishings.

Elegant green walls aid digestion, promote balance, and have a calming effect, which is good for people who are active or depressed.

Natural green is helpful for syncope, fatigue and negative emotions.

Soothing blue reduces pulse rate and adjusts internal balance.

Using blue in the dorm can relieve tension and help relieve headaches, fever, syncope and insomnia.

Purple walls have an inhibitory effect on motor nerves and the heart system, maintain the balance of potassium in the body, promote quietness, and inspire feelings of love and caring for others.

Indigo wall coverings regulate muscles, reduce or stop bleeding, can affect vision, hearing, and smell, and can reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain.

But the color is too strong for decoration.