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Types and characteristic of art paper
- 2022-04-02 -

Sketch paper: usually thick, indicating rough and easy to lead, used for drawing.

Water-based paper: water-based paper is a kind of paper specially used for drawing water-based pictures. The paper can absorb water and is thicker. The surface of the gouge paper has dots, and the concave side of the dots is the front. Gouache paper has different colors for the background.

Water colour paper: its characteristic is to absorb water to compare general paper tall, pound number is thicker, the fiber of paper surface is stronger also, not easy because of repeated daub and break, pilling ball.

Card paper: paper weighing more than 120 grams per square meter, used for postcards, CARDS, album liners, etc. Paper surface more fine smooth, strong wear – resistant.

Rice paper: rice paper is one of the traditional paper making techniques of the han nationality.

Kraft paper: often yellowish brown. Semi – or fully – bleached kraft pulp is pale brown, creamy or white.