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The Origin Of The English Name Of Cellophane
- 2022-03-28 -

Cellophane is also called cellophane. English words are synthesized by “cellulose” and “Diaphane” two words. It was invented in 1905 by the Swiss textile engineer Brandberg (1872-1954).

The molecular chain has a wonderful micro-permeability that allows the product to breathe like an egg through the pores of the egg skin, this is beneficial to the preservation and preservation activity of the commodity, strong resistance to oily, alkaline and organic solvents, no electrostatic, no dust, and is decomposed by natural fibres, which can absorb water in the rubbish. Not to cause environmental pollution. It is widely used in the internal liner and decorative packing paper of the goods. Its transparency allows people to install goods at a glance, but also with moisture-proof, impermeable, breathable, heat sealing and other properties, the good protection of commodities. Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has the advantages of electrostatic, dustproof and good kink. Cellophane has white, color and so on. It can be used as a semi permeable film.

Cellophane is recycled cellulose, its molecular group gap there is a wonderful air permeability, which is very beneficial to the preservation of goods. It is not refractory but heat-resistant, can be at 190 ℃ at high temperature without deformation, can be in food packaging and food together for high-temperature disinfection. In addition, because the raw material of the cellophane originates from the natural, therefore has the very strong easy decomposition nature.