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ArtsCreating:Preliminary Canton Fair Online Program
- 2022-03-28 -


The 127th Online Canton Fair will mainly include three parts: online display and docking platform, cross-border e-commerce zone, and live marketing services, and continue to leverage the advantages of the trade show. Mainly B2B, taking into account some B2C platforms, creating a 10X24-hour online foreign trade platform, providing online promotion, supply and procurement, online negotiation and other services for exhibitors and buyers, so that Chinese and foreign merchants can place orders and do business without leaving the house . The Canton Fair, which will be held online in mid-to-late June, will present three interactive sections, which will integrate display, negotiation, and trading.


One is to establish an online display docking platform. We will promote all the 25,000 Canton Fair exhibitors to go online for display, and divide them into export exhibitions and import exhibitions according to the original physical exhibition settings that everyone is familiar with, and set up corresponding exhibition areas respectively. Among them, export exhibitions are based on electronic appliances, daily consumer The textile and apparel and medicine and health care categories are divided into 16 categories of commodities, and 50 exhibition areas are set up respectively; the import exhibition will set up 6 major themes such as electronic appliances, building materials and hardware, and all exhibits will be online at the same time. We will optimize the query system and improve the search function in multiple languages to facilitate buyers to find exhibitors and exhibits. Through technical means, focus on promoting Chinese brand enterprises and commodities. At the same time, strengthen supply and purchase matching services, hold special online matching activities, increase online matching efforts, and enhance the effectiveness of organizing exhibitions.

The second is to establish a cross-border e-commerce zone. We will hold an event with the theme “Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunities”. Through the establishment of exchange links, in accordance with the unified name and image developed by the Canton Fair, online business activities will be carried out at a unified time, mainly including two parts: one is the establishment of cross-border E-commerce comprehensive test zone topic, publicize the work of each comprehensive test zone, and recommend a batch of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises. The second is to select a batch of cross-border e-commerce platforms to highlight the characteristics of the “business-to-business” trade show. It mainly cooperates with the B2B platform, and at the same time takes into account some B2C platforms, and encourages the platform to organize various enterprises that meet the quality standards to participate in this Canton Fair and expand the beneficiary enterprises.

The third is to provide live marketing services. We will establish online live broadcast columns and links, and set up a 10 × 24 hour online live broadcast room for each exhibitor. This live broadcast room is not limited by time and space. The company can not only conduct face-to-face negotiations with customers online, but also publicize and promote a large number of merchants at the same time through online broadcast. Before the exhibition, we will conduct special training for enterprises to improve their live broadcast sales capabilities. In addition, our platform will also provide functions such as lookback on demand, video upload, interactive communication, sharing, etc., to enrich the performance of the exhibition.