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The main application areas of EVA materials
- 2022-04-06 -

EVA materials are inseparable from modern scientific achievements. In many production areas, EVA materials account for more or less a certain proportion.

EVA materials are widely used, and the main application areas are as follows:

(1) Films, sheets and laminates: sealing, adhesion, flexibility, toughness, shrinkage, suitable for flexible packaging films, heat shrinkable films, agricultural films, food packaging films, laminated films, and can be used as polyolefins Interlayer laminated film.

(2) General materials: flexible, environmental stress crack resistance and weather resistance. Suitable for industrial materials, including power cord insulation bags, household appliances parts, window sealing materials, etc.

(3) Daily necessities include sporting goods, toys, cushions, drawstrings, sealed container lids, EVA rubber footballs, etc.

(4) Auto parts include shock absorbers, fenders, interior and exterior decorative parts.

(5) Foam products: foam foam plastic slippers, sandals, building materials, etc. Injection foam has various industrial parts, female shoe soles, hot melt adhesives and so on.