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Selection of the use of water colored paper
- 2022-04-02 -

Water color paper is a special use for watercolor painting.

Its characteristic is the water absorption is higher than the general paper, the pound is thicker, the paper fiber is also stronger, is not easy because of repeated smear and break, raising the ball.

There are quite a lot of colored paper, cheap water absorption is poor, expensive to preserve color for quite a long time. According to the fiber, the water colored paper has two basic fibers, cotton and hemp. According to the surface, there are coarse, fine surface, sliding surface of the difference. According to the manufacturing, divided into handmade paper (most expensive) and machine-made paper.

If you want to draw a detailed theme, will generally choose cotton pulp paper. This kind of water colored paper is also often used as a precision watercolor illustrator. In addition, if you want to express dripping flow of the theme, to use watercolor techniques in the overlapping method, the general selection of wood pulp paper, because the pulp paper absorbent fast, dry fast, the only drawback is that time will fade.