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Introduction to printing paper
- 2022-03-26 -

Printing paper is a general designation for all kinds of paper used by various printing materials. For example, letterpress printing paper, offset printing paper, high-grade glossy cardboard, newsprint, writing paper. Its characteristic is the printing adaptability is good, the opacity is high. Depending on the printing method, the paper has specific performance. For example, the printing press of newsprint and printed books of letterpress printing paper, good ink absorption and not through printing, for the set of color printing of offset newsprint, there is a high water absorption deformation and expansion rate; for gravure printing of securities paper, its paper delicate, printed lines clearly lifelike.

Paper used exclusively for printing. According to the use can be divided into: newsprint, books and periodicals with paper, cover paper, securities paper. According to the different printing methods can be divided into letterpress printing paper, gravure printing paper, offset printing paper.