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How to use book wrapping paper
- 2022-04-02 -

1. Choose paper with moderate thickness;

2. Wrap the book with paper and measure the size of the paper. The length and width of the paper should be greater than five centimeters of the book;

3. Wrap and wrap the book completely with paper to make all parts equal in size;

4. Cut off the paper parts at both ends of the spine that are longer than the spine, so that the paper just completely covers the spine, and the paper can be folded inward along the four horizontal edges of the book source

5. Fold the paper inwards along the horizontal or vertical sides of the book first, with four horizontal sides and two vertical sides;

6. Fold the four corners of the book cover all the way inward along the edge of the book, and fold it into an isosceles triangle at right angles.

7. Fold the paper inward along the sides of the four triangles, and the book cover completely wraps the book;

8. Binding, it is best to put the book under the mattress and press it, sleep at night and press overnight, and take it out the next day to see it is very smooth and beautiful.