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Handling of wallpaper warping
- 2022-04-02 -

Wallpaper, although it beautifies our home living environment, but after the service life is provided, part of the wallpaper will have the problem of warping, which will cause disturbance to our lives. The editor of Shengfei Wallpaper will tell you the following: cause wallpaper Causes and solutions of warping.

Edged wallpaper

Wallpaper cause analysis of wallpaper warping: There are many factors that constitute wallpaper wallpaper warping, and they have different degrees of correlation with each other. Multi-faceted information should be integrated to analyze the essence of the problem in order to draw correct conclusions. The factors that cause the wallpaper to be warped and cracked can be summarized as follows:


First, Human factors: improper wallpaper construction

① Sunlight and strong wind blow, causing the glue to dry too quickly, shrink unevenly and crack locally;

② The softening time of wallpaper after brushing is too long. Expansion is too long, forming shrinkage when dry

③The concentration of glue is too low, the adhesive force is insufficient, and the wallpaper cannot be stuck.

④ Excessive local glutinous rice glue, uneven shrinkage:

⑤ The scraper is too strong when pasting, or the wallpaper is stretched and widened too much during construction, which leads to excessive stretching, and the wallpaper shrinks to form shrinkage when dried:

⑥ When the double-layer cutting is repeated, the gap is too obvious.

The seams are not tight when pasting wallpaper.
Perfectly stitched living room wallpaper

Second, improper wallpaper and glue products: including improper product selection and improper product deployment.

Before construction, you should first evaluate the wallpaper to be constructed. It is best to do the pasting test in advance, choose the appropriate wallpaper glue brand, and act with unreliable experience.

① Improper selection of products, for example: if the selected products are not reasonably evaluated, but directly select products that do not meet the requirements to paste the wallpaper, such as pasting (heavy) wallpaper with ordinary wallpaper glue, problems are likely to occur: Non-woven wallpaper, because it is a type of wallpaper with strong shrinkage, should use strong wallpaper glue products, such as special wallpaper glutinous rice glue.

② Glue mixing: Improper application, including: glue is not mixed with water according to packaging instructions, too much or too little water: wallpaper glue mixing time is too short, uneven mixing, not fully gelatinized, poor adhesion performance: workers Improper glue adjustment method, resulting in throwing balls, low viscosity of glutinous rice glue.

③ Glue stability: It means that the product has poor stability and is prone to quality abnormalities. When using wallpaper glue with reduced product performance and low viscosity and tackiness to paste wallpaper, it will inevitably affect the quality of wallpaper construction.

④Environmental factors: including temperature and humidity conditions of construction. The solidity of the base layer of the wall (putty wall), the smoothness and water absorption of the wall, the effect of the closed treatment of the wall, the carrying capacity of the construction surface, etc., blindly carry out the construction when the environmental conditions do not allow, problems will inevitably arise .