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Handicraft Felt
- 2022-04-02 -

A felt carpet made by placing wool fibers directly in hot water to squeeze, roll and knead them to shrink and bond them. The difference between handmade carpets and other carpets is the unwoven yarn and knitting process.


In the Neolithic Age, China was able to knead felt (felt). The production and application of felt pads in the past are very extensive. Kang felt, saddle felt, seat cushion felt, etc. are still used in the northwestern region. In the 1980s, carpets made by hand in various countries around the world were rare. The Soviet Turkmen felt is more famous. It is a patterned felt made of different colors of wool rolled in curtains and pressed in boiling water.

The production process of the flower felt is mainly: ① Design the pattern on the paper according to the specifications and shape of the flower felt, fold the paper, and cut into a symmetrical pattern on both sides or squares. ② Paste the paper pattern on the colored felt, cut it into the colored felt pattern, and spread the complete colored felt pattern on the entire floor felt. ③Cut the color cloth (usually white, yellow, dark blue, black, etc.) into cloth strips, and wrap the pattern edge of the color felt over the seam. Flat needles are generally used for sewing, so that the pattern is not deformed and more beautiful.