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Exquisite Origami Art
- 2022-04-02 -

Origami originated in China, and its history dates back to 583 A.D. when Buddhist monks from China through North Korea to Japan, took a lot of paper, because at that time the paper is very expensive, so they took extra care and origami is a part of etiquette, the art of origami is from the generation to pass down. Origami can inspire people’s creativity and logical thinking, but also promote the coordination of the hands and brain. In the past few decades, through the unremitting efforts of a new generation of origami, modern origami technology has developed to an unprecedented state. It can even be said to be beyond the imagination of the average person. Because it’s hard to imagine that an incredibly complex and lifelike piece of origami is folded out of a completely unedited square paper. Therefore, modern origami is no longer just a child’s game, it can be a challenging and stimulating thinking of the beneficial physical and mental activities. Today, the experts use paper to break out of the complex style, it is amazing, they do not glue, without scissors, cleverly deformed paper, and its proficiency is unbelievable! The finished work is far from simple boxes or flowers, but lifelike animals, lifelike paper sculptures, such as squid, snakes, dancers and so on.