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Excellent properties of EVA materials
- 2022-03-26 -

It can be said that the EVA material in 21st century is still very popular, the major electronics industry and other related industries using EVA materials are very common.

First, Eva materials excellent heat resistance: foaming cases are usually used under 80t, foam px 70-80 ℃, and foaming pp ability 120t. The foaming PP is placed at 120 degrees Celsius for 21h. Size contraction is less than 2%, in the condition of the conditions of the bubble PE is about 40% contraction. Therefore, the foaming PP can be used for occasions with temperatures exceeding 100t.

Second, Eva materials have excellent mechanical properties.

Third, the EVA material significant heat insulation: foaming pp and foaming PE sample is closed bubble structure, therefore, its thermal conductivity will not be solid and humid, due to its thermal conductivity than foaming PE low, with significant heat insulation, so can be used as advanced insulation materials.

Four, resilient EVA materials have high impact energy absorption capacity.

Five, Eva material resistance to chemical corrosion than all other foam good, resistant to edible oil, to meet the needs of sleeve-tired food packaging.

Eva material has good stress cracking performance.

Eva material in the foaming PP and foam PS compared to the combustion without gas release.

Eight, Eva materials can also be recycled.