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Common specifications, paper and workmanship for printed matter
- 2022-04-02 -

When each customer does printed matter, the most concerned must be the quality, and usually a particular printed products have common specifications and processes, then, commonly used printed matter will use what specifications of paper and process?

Album: Album cover commonly used 200G or 250G coated paper, general company use the recommended cover with 250G coated paper printing, the quality of the album, the effect of the requirements can choose 250G matte paper or special paper printing;

Albums pages commonly used 157G coated paper, general companies use this specification of paper, magazines, books and other books often use 128G or even 105g coated paper.

If the number of pages in the picture book is very small, it is recommended to use the horse binding, the number of pages of the choice of glue, glue locking.

Album cover is generally required to cover the film, in order to protect the skin.

Publications: 157G coated paper is commonly used, 105g or 128G coated paper is used for printing in supermarkets, banks (direct mail DM) and other industries, 157G dumb powder paper is often used for printing real estate leaflets, and 70G double-gluing paper in blue or pink will be used for individual special purposes.

The latter process is rarely used in leaflets.

Flag: double-sided printing of 200G-300G subpowder paper or coated paper, coated with light film or subfilm, can choose die cutting.

Envelop: publicity envelop generally uses 250G-300G copperplate paper or white card paper, the outer coat is covered with light film or sub-film, with bronzing, UV, convex, concave, embossing and die cutting process.

Inserts (single pages) often use 128-200g copper paper.

Posters: posters are commonly used for single-sided printing, 157g or 200g coated paper. If you need to post posters, you can print self-adhesive posters (with glue), and choose whether to cover film according to your needs.

Form, paper head, note: 70G-100G double-glue paper, mostly using spot color printing.

Envelope, file bag: 100g-150g double adhesive paper or kraft paper, mostly using spot color printing.

Handbag: 200G-300G subpowder paper, copperplate paper or white cardboard or kraft paper (kraft paper is not covered with film), external film can also be added bronzing, UV, embossing, convex, pressure concave.

As for how to check the quality of printed matter?

It can be evaluated from the appearance, level, overprint, dot and other four elements. The appearance layout must be clean, without obvious dirty marks, with clear colors, clear layers, and accurate overprint.

Dot as the basic unit of printing, should be clear, accurate Angle, no double.

Conformed to printed samples and electronic documents and whether it is a traditional contradiction has a close relationship.