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Characteristic of flock paper
- 2022-04-02 -

The color is bright. Soft and elastic, like a tapestry. On the surface of the base paper, or only on specific parts of the pattern, apply thermoplastic resin, and implant short fibers (such as villi, nylon, wool, etc., with a length of 0.2-1.6mm) of various colors on the glue coating. When the direct current is switched on, the charge is more likely to be concentrated at the tip of the short fiber due to the influence of the magnetic force line, so that the “upright” short fiber is bonded to the base paper.

It can be used as interior decoration material for aircraft, yacht, radio room and TV hall. It is also used for the lining of prizes, certificate boxes, as well as the interior decoration materials of advanced arts and crafts products.