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Beijing Wallpaper Exhibition-a Feast Of Art
- 2022-03-28 -

Today’s wallpaper technology is no longer limited to its original beauty and practicality, but also pursues fashion, environmental protection and artistic sense. No matter what kind of wallpaper is used, it has the advantages of pure color, healthy and environmental protection, long service life, fast construction speed, clean, rich style, large price space, etc., which are sought after by contemporary people. In the crowded exhibition halls, the booths with the most crowds are often brands that integrate environmental protection, art, and durability.

Wallcovering art has become the highlight of this exhibition, especially the integration of China’s embroidery art into the wallcovering is amazing. Elegant and noble light luxury is fully revealed in a needle and thread embroidery. The complicated and cascading Su embroidery techniques, using hooks, picks, stabs, stabs, and other techniques, are extremely rich and infinitely varied. The soft and slow-toned colors bring a fresh and comfortable feeling, creating a retro and stylish space for oxygen. This exhibition covers different styles of wallpaper, including neo-classical style, modern avant-garde style, American country style, Mediterranean style, European classical style, neo-Chinese style and elegantism, which satisfy the preferences of different people.