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Application, characteristics of glitter film
- 2022-04-02 -

Features of glitter paper:
1. It has the characteristics of sparkling
2. It has flame retardant effect
3. Wide application scope and strong flexibility
4. Gold stamping, silk printing, double printing, embossing, gravure printing, double printing gold piling process! .
5. The color can be customized in any color without restriction. The color of the special order needs more than 500 meters.
6. We can develop new versions. Our company can sell unique graphics for customers. The copyright belongs to your company. Large orders up to 50,000 meters, film fees can be fully refunded.
7. Materials can be made into PP, PE and PVC.

USES of PP glitter film:
1) handbag (e.g. mooncake box bag; gift boxes, etc. These materials are all PP materials.
2) gift box (made of PP paper with a thickness of 80u), made of PP.
3) adhesive compound separation paper (mainly used in stationery and gift markets), PP material.
4) card paper (mainly used in stationery and gift markets, art works), PP material.
5) tape (gift wrapping tape), made of PP.
6) wine bags, especially red wine bags, are made of PE.
7) tags. (mainly used in clothing; Bags, etc.
8) art works; (mainly used for stage props: stage background/artistic decoration, etc.)
9) cosmetic bag; (mainly used for packaging cosmetics)
10) red envelope/greeting card, etc. The thickness of PP green onion paper can be divided into three types: 80u, 120u and 150u. This paper is made of PP material.