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Advantages of EVA foot pads
- 2022-04-06 -

When choosing a stable EVA foot pad, it is important to understand the difference between traditional solid rubber foot pads and EVA foot pads, to understand the more advantages of EVA foot pads, which will help make the right choice.

1. Less resources

The obvious advantage is that it is more cost-effective to produce EVA feet compared to traditional solid rubber feet. The solid rubber foot pad is made of synthetic material, and its production cost is high and the production process is complicated. Although EVA foot pads are artificial, fewer materials and fewer resources are used in the manufacturing process.

2. Improve the environment

Traditional solid rubber feet contain a high percentage of NBR rubber, which can withstand intensive manufacturing processes and require more materials. EVA foot pads are produced faster and can exhibit many of the same properties as NBR rubber.

3. Easy to handle

EVA foot pads are made of non-porous closed-cell EVA foam. This type of foot pad is composed of tiny bubbles that trap air in the mat, making them very light and easier to improve performance and storage. In addition, the closed-cell EVA foam adds an important structure to the cushion, making it harder than solid rubber.

4. Improve durability

The basic form of EVA foot pad can be soft and easy to operate. EVA foot pads are made of EVA foam, which is reinforced with an elastic material called polyethylene, which is the same material used in plastic bags. This not only improves the flexibility and comfort of the cushion, but also significantly improves the tensile strength of the foot cushion. This makes the foot pads more resistant to injuries caused by cuts and tears. EVA foam pads keep their shape better when used intensively for a long time. Even in harsh environments, it will extend the life of the foot pads.