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About watercolor paper
- 2022-04-02 -
– Aug 06, 2018 –

The characteristics of

Its characteristic is that it is more absorbent than ordinary paper, the number of pounds is thicker, the fiber of the paper surface is also stronger, not easy to be broken by repeated application, pilling.
There are many kinds of watercolor paper, cheap water absorbent is poor, expensive can preserve color for a long time. Depending on the fiber, watercolor paper has cotton and hemp two basic fibers. According to the surface, there are coarse, fine and slippery surface. It is divided into handmade paper (the most expensive) and machine-made paper.

Used to choose

If want to draw careful theme, can choose cotton pulp paper commonly. This kind of watercolor paper is also often precision watercolor illustration paper. In addition, if you want to express the theme of dripping flow, when using the overlapping method of watercolor techniques, you will generally choose wood pulp paper, because wood pulp paper absorbs water quickly and dries quickly, the only drawback is that it will fade over time.