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What Is Adhesive Film
- 2022-03-26 -

Adhesive film refers to the soil pore wall, soil structure or mineral particles surface, due to the cohesion of some of the soil or “fine soil living” in situ changes in the arrangement of membrane-like objects. Have cystic pore gum membrane, pore gum membrane, bone granular adhesive film. The color can be composed of different components and have brown, yellow, gray and so on. Because the adhesive film is in the process of soil some active organic and inorganic substances (such as clay, humus, 32 oxides, etc.) with the soil solution moving and gradually deposited, so it reflects the characteristics of the process of soil to a certain extent. For example, the structure of the lower part of paddy soil has a decent red-brown patch film, which is often one of the characteristics of fertile paddy soil.