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The Development Foreground Of Printing Paper
- 2022-03-26 -

As an important and traditional information carrier, the production of paper has been flourishing, and more and more closely related to printing technology. Economic development, technological progress, paper varieties, paper quality and the performance of paper constantly put forward new requirements. In the 80 ‘s, the Chinese printing industry and the Chinese paper industry jointly completed the process of transforming from letterpress printing to offset printing, from letterpress printing paper production to offset printing paper production. Now, the printing of Chinese print, using letterpress printing, is very little, very little, letterpress printing is almost entirely replaced by offset printing. China paper, although still the letterpress printing paper as the focus of industry statistics, but the actual production is not the past letterpress printing paper, mostly offset printing books and periodicals paper.

There is no stop on the road to development. Modern offset printing requires printing paper to have a smoother surface, better printing performance, and can withstand greater temperature and moisture changes without curling phenomenon. The international has extended the printing paper varieties, developed a series of mechanical wood pulp printing paper new varieties. In recent years, digital printing technology, office automation and personal computer development, the use of paper to put forward newer, higher requirements. In the world, has been in the chemical pulp printing paper category, the development of laser printing paper and inkjet printing paper series of new varieties.

Now, consumer demand for print has improved. People not only want to get the necessary knowledge and information, but also hope that through the print of the reading and browsing, can get the appreciation of beauty and leisure enjoyment. Therefore, the paper varieties must be constantly innovative.

The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, the core of knowledge economy is innovation, knowledge economy can be said to be “innovative economy”, innovation is also the soul and life of enterprise. Some far-sighted paper-making enterprises issued a voice: “Beyond the self, the development of products, to meet market demand, consciously implement the paper and the printing industry synchronization of the development strategy”, which should cause the paper-making sector of the attention, attention and implementation.

In a very long period of time, paper production and consumption will continue to develop steadily. However, the variety of paper will have a big change, some old varieties eliminated, some new varieties appeared. New information technology will promote new paper varieties. At the same time, paper will also face the consumer demand for less money, more work, do good things in the way of thinking of new challenges.