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Prefume Black Tea

prefume black tea is a kind of fully fermented tea, which is the main tea in tea culture.Black tea is produced by picking, withering, rolling, fermentation, drying and other steps;It has an extra fermentation process than green tea.Black tea has strong antibacterial power. Gargling with black tea can prevent colds caused by viral diseases, prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, and reduce blood glucose and hypertension.Aromatic substances were significantly higher than fresh leaves.

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Product Details
Tea: prefume black tea
Harvest Type: Hand-harvested tea only
Chashan Altitude: About 1800M – 2000M
Fermentation Degree: About 80% to 90%
Tea Color: Red and translucent
Aroma: unique “caramel”
Taste: thick and pure taste
Shape: Rope-like tea leave shape, tight and plump, and dark in color

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