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Crepe Paper In Life
- 2022-03-28 -

Wrinkle paper, also known as wrinkle paper, refers to a paper wrinkle processing paper, can be divided into life, packaging, decorative wrinkle paper three categories. Life wrinkle paper such as napkin, sanitary wrinkle paper.

Packaging wrinkle paper with tenacity and elasticity, for the packaging of wool, wool products, such as flexible products to prevent the packaging due to the large scale of paper caused by the rupture.

Decorative wrinkle paper, such as a variety of color wrinkle paper for the festival decoration and into flowers. Usually wet (or not completely dry) of the original paper, in the dryer with a scraper shovel, or mechanical pressure out wrinkles, and then by drying.

There are a lot of paper called Wrinkle paper, such as when we were young teachers used to tie the kind of red flowers, texture a bit like the kind of toilet paper is called wrinkle paper, but also some hand-rubbed paper and paper cane is called wrinkle paper, because they have “wrinkles.”