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Correct Selection Of Printed Paper
- 2022-03-28 -

As we all know, in choosing printed paper varieties, we mainly need to choose according to the characteristics of the printed print and the type of printing press. Of course, there is the choice of printing paper specifications.

1. Printing paper types: Printed books and periodicals in the color cover, illustrations or advertising inserts, you can choose double-sided coated paper or double adhesive papers, printed trademarks and other single-sided printed matter can be selected single-sided coated paper or single tape; Printing dictionaries, dictionaries, manuals and other reference books should choose dictionary paper or thin letterpress paper; Printing general books can be selected offset printing books or letterpress paper. The same is the printing of general books, if you want to use on the rotary printing press (except Platform wheel printing machine), if you plan to print on the general platform will need to choose flat paper; If you print on an offset printing press, you should select offset paper, If you print on a letterpress printing machine, you can use letterpress printing paper.

2. Printing paper specifications: In the selection of paper specifications, in addition to pay attention to the size of the paper, but also to select the appropriate quantitative. Generally in meeting the requirements of printing and use of the premise, should try to choose a small quantity of paper, which can reduce the cost of publications.